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Why your hero banner on your website home page is super important

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Did you know that you only have 5-10 seconds to capture a new users attention when they first land on your website? Those first few seconds are crucial and will determine if they want to stay and engage with your site, or if they leave.

Here is a little image I've created to give you an example of a great website hero banner and home page layout.

You want your potential customers or clients in those first few moments to be drawn in by how it looks, understand what your business does or sells and if your site looks trustworthy and reputable.

How many times have you landed on a website and it is all out of whack, has random images or graphics, isn't clear what the company is or does, pop ups or ads galore and the branding is totally non existent, and you've just thought "nope" and gone back to another website? ....So, you don't want your website to give people that exact feeling and impression, we want them to stay and browse and learn about your business and brand and why they should buy or work with you!

  • Choose a clear image that won't look "cluttered" and allows your text to be read easily

  • In one to two sentences, describe what your business does or sells, who your target audience is and if possible, why or how it will benefit your potential customer or client

  • Have a clear call to action button which can be a link to your shop, a read more info page, a services page or a contact page

If you would like me to check out your home page or even give your website a full design audit, check out my website design audit offer here!

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