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How to add someone as a user for your Wix website

Need a Wix partner or a staff member to have access to your website?

Then this is for you!

Adding a user to your Wix website is super quick and easy. Please view my video below or see the steps on how to add a new user and give them permissions based on what they require.

Step One: From your homepage dashboard, scroll down to Settings

Step Two: In the "General" section of your settings, select "Roles & Permissions"

Step Three: Click on the "Invite People" button in the top right corner

Step Four: Type in the search box the email address that the new user has for their Wix account, if they have a Wix account, it should appear in the dropdown.

Step Five: Select the permissions you would like the user to have, if they need access to everything, select the Admin Co-Owner option, otherwise select any of the other boxes, you can always go back in and change them later if you need.

Step Six: Click the "Send Invite" button and an email with the invite to collaborate will be sent to the new user. They will have 3 days to accept your invite before it expires.

You can choose to remove a user anytime or keep them there for future if needed.

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